Paragliding in Verbier – A film collaboration

Last summer, our good friend Hamish Storey followed us around for two weeks with his camera while we went about our average days at work. The idea was to create a short film that not only brought paragliding to life but that also showed off our beautiful Swiss valley, the Val de Bagnes.

The brief that we came up with was to create a film that was a real experience of an average day of flying in Verbier. Hamish faithfully followed us everywhere , running around take-off, flying on the tandems, hanging out of cars and off the edge of dams. You name it, Hamish was there to get the shot!

I think the film he has created has really brought our valley to life and shows just what a graceful and beautiful sport paragliding is.
Watching it for the first time, it vividly reminded me why I love going to work every day!

AIR, Verbier from Hamish Storey on Vimeo.