Paragliding in Verbier – A film collaboration

Last summer, our good friend Hamish Storey followed us around for two weeks with his camera while we went about our average days at work. The idea was to create a short film that not only brought paragliding to life but that also showed off our beautiful Swiss valley, the Val de Bagnes.

The brief that we came up with was to create a film that was a real experience of an average day of flying in Verbier. Hamish faithfully followed us everywhere , running around take-off, flying on the tandems, hanging out of cars and off the edge of dams. You name it, Hamish was there to get the shot!

I think the film he has created has really brought our valley to life and shows just what a graceful and beautiful sport paragliding is.
Watching it for the first time, it vividly reminded me why I love going to work every day!

AIR, Verbier from Hamish Storey on Vimeo.

Our new apartments

We are pleased to announce that Verbier-Summits will be operating from a new premises this summer. We recently acquired a beautiful old building in the heart of the valley. Dating from 1920, this old Swiss watchmakers house has undergone an intensive renovation and has been restored to it’s former glory. … Continue reading…

Welcome to the team Kaenon!

We’d like to thank Kaenon for their support to our paragliding school.   Our instructors are now protected from the sun with Kaenon sunglasses. These glasses with their polarized SR 91 lenses are incredible. Thanks Kaenon for your fantastic support! Find out more at

We welcome GoPro to our team!

A special thanks to a new sponsor of ours…GoPro cameras.                       GoPros are the best! You can stick them anywhere and get the coolest pictures…like this one here

The race continues – Infiniti vs Speed Wing

You might remember the race between Mike and myself(The Duel – Infiniti FX vs Paraglider), racing a sports car with a paraglider. Well three years on Infiniti cars asked us to repeat the race. This time we went to Austria and whereas three years ago in Verbier the race was … Continue reading…

Learning to paraglide video

Thanks Joe for this awesome little video. You guys were a lot of fun and we had a great week with you. Check out Joe’s video learning to paraglide: Thanks to Joe Crabtree for the video and his wonderful music.

What a week!

I always say that good times are made by the people that you’re with…the place and the weather is just a bonus. Well if that’s true, last week was definitely an amazing week…with lots of bonuses! It was a week of great company, huge achievements for first time flyers, impressive thermalling for the low air time guys and … Continue reading…

The Duel – Infiniti FX vs Paraglider

Brother vs Brother, paraglider vs sports car. Check out the infiniti car commercial filmed in Verbier. Stu was flying his paraglider and Mike was racing him across the valley in his Infiniti FX sports car. The making of movie is great too…check it out: Special thanks to our sponsors at … Continue reading…

Are you folding your paraglider well ?

Do you always fold up your glider in exactly the same way? Something to do with how we fold our wings was brought to my attention recently after testing a relatively new zulu for  porosity. Ninety nine percent of the wing was in excellent condition, yet sadly one small part of the … Continue reading…