Paragliding Trip: heli-ski and speed flying in Canada

In the North West tip of Canada, close to the Alaskan border,  lie the Skeena mountains. Mike and I have undertaken several trips there with Northern Escape where we believe we have been the first people to ever speed fly down these vast glaciers and peaks!


Our 2012 and 2013 Heli trips with Northern Escape featured:

125 Heli drops
330,000 vertical feet.

Special thanks to Benny and Northern-Escape:

We offer speed flying courses in the Swiss alps.
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Flying off Mt Blanc

Paragliding over the summit of Mont Blanc

Mike recently took a client to climb Mt Blanc and fly off the summit down the Mer de Glace! Mike over the summit of Mont Blanc, Chamonix! It was a 2 day climb with a sledder that lasted over an hour over one of Europe’s most stunning glaciers. We run … Continue reading…

Paragliding Trip: Return to Namibia

After three years of longing to return to the Namib desert, I finally did last month. We said goodbye to ‘Discovery’, our boat during our flying trip in Mozambique, and bribed our way through a series of African airports with our 60kg of excess paragliding luggage and finally touched down in Windhoek…it … Continue reading…

Paragliding Trip: Flying the dunes of Mozambique

We recently joined up with ‘Discovery’ on her expedition around the world and fell upon a flying site of world class status! Check out the video: Verbier Summits in Africa from Michael Belbas on Vimeo. Read the full story here: Paragliding Trip: Discovering a flying wonder of the world

Paragliding Trip: Madagascar and Mozambique

Off to join the Odyssey in Madagascar. Mike taking off from the bows of ‘Discovery’ on a previous trip. We’re heading out to join up with ‘Discovery’ again…this time in Madagascar and Mozambique. There’s going to be a lot of cool flying stuff coming up in the next couple of months so … Continue reading…

Paragliding Trip: Maldives

Is this a first? Mike reports back from the Maldives. Has anyone ever flown over these spectacular atolls before? I don’t know but I’m pretty sure that this is a first! Mike has gone out to join  the sailing vessel ‘Discovery’ for an incredible 5 week voyage through the most remote part … Continue reading…

Paragliding Trip: Andaman Islands

A land lost in time I have just returned from the Andaman Islands where I was asked to skipper ‘Discovery’, the yacht that we sailed around Tonga on last year. The Andaman Islands belong to India and are located on the Eastern part of the Bay of Bengal in the … Continue reading…